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  Dictionary and Spell Checking API

Treegle API is currently running a beta program. Please sign-up below for more information.

* Selected participants get free unlimited requests for commercial applications.


How to get started with Dictionary API:

  Step 1: Apply for a Treegle API public key.

  Step 2: To get the definition of a word, make a "get" request to:


  Try out the demo website: Dictionary API - Demo Website

Spell Checking

How to get started with Spell Checking API:

  Step 1: Add the following html code to your website:

<script src="http://dictionary.farm/api/spellcheck.js"></script>

  Step 2: To spell check a string, add the following command to your JavaScript code.


  Try out the demo website: Spell Checking API - Demo Website

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Approved beta program participants are given full permission to use this api in their commercial applications.